Is your daughter wading through piles of clothes, magazines and random items every day? Teenage years can be confusing, your growing girl loves her childlike comforts but then is desperate to move on too  - so her bedroom starts to fill up with new clothes, magazines and 'stuff' (some of which has no given name). So, where to start? 1. Wardrobe Space New clothes may still appear on the floor, but if you don't provide the space then there really is no chance of anything being hung up. Encourage your daughter to clear out old clothes reularly, pass on to other members of the family or t..
It's almost looking like we can actually plan evenings eating out in the garden, up to this stage of our British summer we’ve generally had to resort to the spontaneous barbecue or impromptu transfer of the meal arrangements to outside. Not an unusual predicament to be in for most of us, but we may just be able to think a little more ahead now.So, invite the neighbors, family or friends around - set a date and you're halfway there.  Then, think about these five things to make your evening glimmer:1. Lighting - as essential for outdoors as well as in.  Placing glimmers of light around..
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